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How Tender Works

Your business or organization usually have projects to be completed within a tight budget and duration. To complete your projects, you might need additional resources or tender the work to other businesses. Tendering projects is commonly seen in industries such as Architectural, Business Services, Construction, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications and Government projects.

By tendering your project, you will get clear price and duration comparison from multiple business vendors. This is suitable for those who are tight with their time and looking for the best offer in the market. To start tendering and receiving bids, post your project now!

Bid on Projects

If you are a business provider, we provide a comprehensive list of projects up for tender. Start by joining our site and find the relevant projects based on the service you provide. Once you have found the relevant projects, submit your bid or proposal to the project owner to join the tender. Remember to provide clear description about the project in your proposal. This is your chance to explain your key strengths compared to the other business providers.

Manage Your Tenders

All tendering projects can be shared and viewed online. Anybody can view your project details and provide their bids to your preferred contact details. If you tender more than project, you can view and manage your projects from the Manage Projects page.

By default, all tendering projects will be available for 30 days. Within that period, you will receive bids and offers from various business vendors for your projects. We are certain that you will find the suitable business partners by tendering your project!

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